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Costa Rica Retreat Deposit

Buenos dias mi amor!!

I am so excited to welcome you to my favorite place on Earth: Costa Rica! By paying the deposit you secure your space on the retreat. Please email [email protected] to make sure the room that you want is available and booked for you. Final payment is due January 31st, 2023. If you would like to arrange a payment plan, please email [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

Halusin Mikaelan retriitille, sillä jokin kutsui minua Costa Rican maisemissa. Olen ollut Mikaelan retriiteillä ennenkin ja niiden tunnelma ja intiimiys yllättää joka kerta! Ryhmä oli sopivan kokoinen ja uusia ystäviä syntyi, niin kuin ennenkin . Ensin olin hiukan jännittynyt, mutta se hävisi nopeasti, kun tutustuin muihin ihmisiin ja ryhmähenki alkoi kasvaa ja vitsit lentää! 😁 Mikaela ohjaa joogaa ihanalla, uniikilla tavalla, joka pystyy yhdistämään ihmisiä jokaisen omalla tasolla. Kaikki voivat osallistua juuri sellaisena, kun sinä hetkenä on. <3 Parhaita hetkiä olivat auringon laskun aikaan tapahtuva yin-jooga viidakon äänten säestämänä! Kiitos kiitos kiitos ❤️ - Katariina


The beautiful land of Costa Rica was on my bucket list and it did not disappoint! Particularly with a wonderful host like Mikaela and a week full of blissful yoga and a balanced mix of adventure and downtime in soothing jungle sounds. The whole experience was like a dream, one that I’ll cherish for a long time!


Mikaela is a yoga teacher with an outstanding energy that I wanted to experience. It felt right to go on an adventure on the other side of the world to be part of a retreat led by her. And it was right. Every single moment it felt right. Before the retreat I felt restless and anxious. Stressed out from daily life and multitasking everything day in day out. A huge shift happened especially during conversations within the retreat group. We were vibing real quick which was also thanks to Mikaela bringing people together on her own special way. You could bring yourself in fully without ever feeling too much or too little. It was such a wholesome experience. Everything was as it needed to be. From sunrise to sunset, the yoga, the food, the rooms, the group, the conversations, the excursions like snorkeling and meeting a cacao maker - never have I charged my relaxation batteries faster than within this one week. I exchanged a piece of my heart with this great experience and took Costa Rica in my heart with me. I feel like I have a lot of tools I learned inside of me during this retreat. Mikaela is a wonderful leader. She is ready to hold space for you. So if you are feeling like you have a transformation coming towards you and you feel anxious- this retreat is for you. And if you want to be part of an awesome experience, it is also for you. Thank you for being you, Mikaela 🙏🏼 I love you