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Ayurveda Yoga Package

This yoga class package contains yoga classes for each dosha; kapha, pitta and vata. For each dosha, there is an active morning practice, calming evening practice, a meditation and a yoga nidra + general information about the dosha and how to balance it through food. 

Kapha Yoga practice is already in the package and pitta will be added in the beginning of pitta season around summer solstice 2022 and vata practices during vata season around autumn equinox 2022. 

The Kapha package is designed to make you feel energized, motivated, light in your body, and inspired. It is great for anyone feeling sluggish, lethargic, unmotivated, uninspired and heavy.

Class package that includes:

  • Intro to Kapha Dosha (20 mins)
  • An energizing morning practice (60 min)
  • A calming evening practice (60 min)
  • A meditation practice (45 min)
  • A Yoga Nidra practice (30 min)
  • other tips and tools for Kapha Dosha balancing.

Pitta package:

Coming June 2022

Vata Package:

coming September 2022