Welcome to my online world! Here you'll find services, offerings and resources for living your precious human life in alignment with your soul.

I am here to guide you back to you. I believe in changing the world through changing ourselves. My work is a combination of three fantastic systems and modalities that focus on bringing out the individual spirit in each being: yoga, Human Design and coaching.

Transformational retreats all over the world!

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Human Design readings and trainings to understand the blueprint of your energy. 

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Mentorship for You, who have remembered why you are here & are ready to step into your service.

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I am still buzzing from the Human Design reading, Mikaela! It was so cool to see how the rest of the day unfolded after talking to you and soaking all of the wisdom of the reading into my body. I ended up working on something all day that felt really passionate to me and I had so much energy, AND it took a skill that I could have told myself "I don't have this skill, I need to outsource" but I learned it myself and ended up absolutely loving every moment. You have a true gift with these readings - I am going to recommend to literally everyone <3 you're a gift! Thank you so much!

I guide my clients utilizing a range of techniques addressing the body, mind and spirit in a trauma informed way through 1:1 work, online courses and retreats.

I offer my services in English and in Finnish (my native tongue).


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Transformational Retreats

A retreat is a wonderful way for a pattern interrupt; to take yourself away from the day-to-day and turn inward, to bring about transformation. And spend time in breathtaking nature, make new friends and enjoy life!

I lead annual retreats around the world. Join us for an unforgettable time!

Upcoming Retreats:

Kukoistuksen Retriitti 5.-7.7.24 Valkeala (in Finnish)

The Arctic Spirit Retreat in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland September 14-18, 2024 (in English)

Ruskaretriitti: kruunuchakra, Utsjoki 20.-24.9.2024 (in Finnish)

Prosperity Retreat November 11-17, 2024 in Costa Rica! (in English)

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Mikaela has an exceptional gift of attuning with each individual emotionally, spiritually and physically. In each area, she opens you doors and gives you directions but never pushes you to take any specific path (or any of them) if it’s not right for you at that moment. Learning with Mikaela is a genuinely reciprocal process where you feel respected and supported. And she makes heavenly cinnamon rolls!

1:1 work

Is it time to bring 100% focus on you? Working 1:1 is the fastest and most effective way to bring about transformation. I offer private yoga and coaching to help you to create the changes that are needed in order to feel vibrant, inspired and connected to your personal power and to realize the life of your dreams!

Mentorship is also available for yoga teachers and other spiritual entrepreneurs who want to build their business, show up authentically and create a prosperous business through internal (energetic) and external (practical) alignment.

Currently available:

Wisdom Consciousness Mentoring session $247 / 75min.

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My experience during the retreat was very relaxing and nurturing, while also challenging us to leave our comfort zone. The yoga and meditation was excellent, suitable for a diverse group of participants. The synergy among the participants was really warm and supportive.  

After the retreat I feel more centered and calm. Relaxed. My friends tell me there is a certain glow and joy around me after the retreat.

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I am Mikaela, a yoga teacher and a spiritual life coach. Deep conversations, plants, sunsets and the ocean make me excited to be alive!

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