Hi! My name is Mikaela Soldan.

I grew up in Finland but life took me to New York City, which is where I moved at 25 to study ISHTA Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda). 
Yoga transformed my life during a time of crisis as I lost my mother at 19. I was able to process the grief and heal anxiety and ptsd symptoms using the tools I learned from my teachers. I am fascinated by the power of our minds and intention, and our ability to heal ourselves from inside out.
I am also a nature lover, lover of humanity and all living beings. It brings me profound joy to be able to share the teachings that helped me and build a community of like minded people to heal ourselves and to heal the Earth.
After 7 years of NYC I moved on to be closer to nature. I am currently settled in Costa Rica. I am a traveler, adventurer and do not always know where life takes me next. That is why I am deeply grateful for the online platforms! I hope to see you in my online community and live events around the world.


  • Gene Keys Guide 2023
  • Spiritual Life Coach (Life Purpose Institute) – 2020
  • Reiki I & II – 2015 & 2019
  • Yin Yoga Module I with Ulrica Norberg 25h – 2018
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Exhale to Inhale 25hrs – 2018
  • Yoga Nidra Training with Mona Anand 25hrs – 2017
  • ISHTA Yoga 300hr Teacher Training with Alan Finger – 2016
  • Hands on Training 8hrs with Ulrica Norberg – 2016
  • Raindrop-technique certificate with Catherine Garro – 2014
  • ISHTA Yoga 200hr Teacher Training with Alan Finger – 2013
  • BA in Media and Communications 2015

What helped me heal

Tools for feeling safe, at peace, and in love with life.

Since there is no changing the outer circumstances, what we can do is to change out inner environment to feel peaceful and learn to respond to life gracefully. As a sensitive person, this means learning to regulate the nervous system, let go of shadow patterns such as people pleasing and return to your authentic self. Yoga and meditation are wonderful ways of getting started, and private coaching and learning your Human design will take you further along your path. I offer yoga and meditation in my monthly membership, or you can contact me for private coaching.

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